One Sec

One Sec App has helped me become aware and control my Instagram addiction. Every time I try to open the app it prompts me to breathe deeply and asks “do you really want to open Instagram?” I close the app, every time. (You can set it up for any app or website)

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  1. Yess I love One Sec. Life-changing.

  2. I recently got a new phone and had to set it up from scratch (no restoring from a backup) and let me tell you, it is liberating (and also annoying, but mostly liberating)

    Everything important syncs from the cloud (contacts, photos, voice memos, bookmarks). But you have to re-download all apps and re-authenticate stuff.

    The experience feels a tiny bit like what One Sec is all about and I’m here for it! I want my phone to be a slim multi-tool with just the things I need and minimal extra cruft.

    Over lunch today I decided to eat lunch reading a book because I didn’t have any social media apps.