Yesterday was big: Happy my 50th birthday to you! Here are a few of my intentions for the new year:

– Keep slowing down. (Notice how everything’s still happening? Nothing is breaking.)

– Remember to stay open. (Whatever you do, don’t close. If your body wants to close, lean into curiosity.)

– Notice what you’re noticing. (Embrace being fully present. Gently notice when I am not. Redirect.)

– Feel that!? (It’s the universe holding you. Say thank you!)

– Ask yourself: What if it was easy (Recognize openings and moments of ease.)

– Experiencing a hard moment? Instead of getting frustrated lean into: “Huh, isn’t that interesting!?” (Life bumps are your teachers.)

– You’re never stuck. (A belief is a thought we keep on thinking. You can change your thoughts.)

– See beauty in everything. (The magic is in you!)

– Declutter. (Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.)

– Say what you need. (People will still love you.)

– Talk to your plants and your house. (They can hear you!)

– Invest in linen sheets! (Celebrate and love on the things you own!)

– Truth always expands. (Pay attention to your body’s reactions to things.)

– Love is real. (It starts with you. Never withhold love.)

– Always follow the excitement! (Fun is a plenty good reason to do something, even in business.)

– Gently hold yourself to a high standard. (Always add that extra layer of love.)

– Soften even more. (You have to soften to receive!)

– Dance. (Look for disco balls. And, hang a few yourself.)

– Keep expecting miracles.

Thank you for visiting my digital garden. I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to recently. But, I am still here! Sending you love from Brooklyn!

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  1. Happy 50th, Tina!!! So many of these resonate with me, I’ll be taking inspiration for my own intentions.

    Thank you for cultivating your digital garden, not matter at what pace. It’s been a beautiful place to visit throughout the years.


  2. All the best wishes for your 50th birthday. Take care and keep on blogging. I totally enjoy it.

  3. happy birthday! thank you for all the goodness you share.

  4. What a lovely collection of aspirations, succinctly explained. I am moved.

  5. happy 50th birthday tina und danke für die inspiration – immer und immer wieder.

  6. Happy Birthday! Thanks for your words of wisdom. I visit your digital garden every day :) hope you had a great day with plenty cake <3

  7. Happy birthday Tina ! You are so young to be so wise !! Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Tina!

  9. Happy birthday all the way from Brazil!
    I love your curatorship, but what I love the most are the quotes and texts you share. They hit that sweet spot of my heart and I found myself often moved by them.

  10. My daughter has a chronic medical condition and is disabled. She is the queen of resilience. My favorite expression of hers when she has a bad outcome is PLOT TWIST! love that so much…

  11. Sweet! thanks for posting.

  12. happy birthday, tina. thank you for all of your posts. there are so many brilliant things you have shared. i love your intentions for the coming year. wishing you great success with slowing down, good linen sheets and softening.

  13. I’ve said this before, but I have maybe ten sites that I visit every day and yours is one of my favorite two.. I wish you a very happy birthday WEEK. I’m 58 and I can tell you it’s only gotten better.

  14. Happy birthday! I love swiss-miss.com. :)


  15. Happy Birthday Tina! Wishing you all the very best! Thank you for creating this blog as well. It has been a source of inspiration and solace.

  16. This is a wonderful list! Thank you and happy New Year and happy new decade!

  17. Happy Birthday!
    If I was told I could only have 3 emails in my inbox forever, yours makes the cut. Thank you for years of interesting content.
    Enjoy your special day!

  18. Happy Birthday!. Great content

  19. You always delight – I feel like I’ve been following you from the beginning and you always MAKE me smile.

  20. Happy Birthday! I always enjoy your posts.

  21. Joy and cheers to you in this milestone birthday month! Thanks for always sharing the good stuff!

  22. Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing great, thought-provoking content.
    From Switzerland with appreciation :)

  23. Dear Tina,
    Best wishes for your 50th Birthday! Your insight and perspective are reflected in your website and give me great joy every week. It’s like opening a present every Saturday morning. You are inspirational and heart warming and I hope that this year brings you many wonderful things!

  24. Die besten Geburtstagswünsche!! Ich liebe swissmiss, hole mir sehr viel Inspiration für MICH; mene FAMILY und meinen Job! LIEBE GRÜSSE!

  25. All the best for the next 50!
    I have been enjoying reading your posts for many years.