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This conversation moved me deeply. The question of “Are you engaging in your own campaign of misery?” stopped me in my tracks.

– “A walk-and-talk is a moveable salon. A small group of invited people walk together for a week, having casual conversations side-by-side during most of the day. In the evening the group sits down to an intense hours-long discussion centered on topics chosen daily by those present. A moderator keeps the conversation on that day’s single topic to sharpen it and make it memorable” How to walk and talk (You can download a PDF)

– I have never seen anything more soothing than Pandas playing in the snow.

This Troika team exercise is fantastic. We have done it at few times within my teams now and it’s incredibly powerful to help others think through their challenges. Empathy building!

– Wow! The exact moment tv news switches from black and white to color in 1967!

– ‘Arquitectura Libre’ is a site collating the colourful, rule-bending buildings of India & Mexico.

– A week ago I hosted a Coffee-Shop-Pop-Up in my home and it was a big hit.

– Yes to a Stainless Steel Sharpie.

Gastro Obscura’s list of 50 Places to Eat and Drink Before You Die, including a pizzeria w/ a volcano oven, a Bangkok bistro serving 45-year-old stew, a BBQ vending machine, and a farm serving moose milk cheese. Jason curates the best stuff.

A unified theory of fucks, by Mandy Brown (via Chris)

– Excellent read: People Are More Generous Than You May Think

– So. Many. Beautiful. Shelves.

– I am dreaming of buying a Wood Fired Hot Tub. This post is thorough.

AudioPen converts voice notes into text that’s easy to read & ready to share.

This resonates.

– Where in the world do mean man sit down to wee? Interesting statistics.

A guide to getting rid of almost everything

Puzzmo. Fun!

– The New York Times gathered and analyzed 121 menus from restaurants all over the country. Love this visual article.

– The Basecamp crew just launched Campfire, a super simple group chat, without a subscription. One time fee of $299. Wow! (I love Slack but it’s cost-prohibitive for larger groups!)

Focus On The Good Tattoo

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  1. We have a goodland wood fired tub and everything the post says is spot on. I even learned few things to try with ours. We are in upstate New York and keep it going on the winter and store it in the summer.

  2. I’m one of the men who sit, but I’m not mean :) (check that typo)