Link Pack

– I like the idea of a Hello Page. Explained here. (via)

– Wow! I had no idea what the different colors on the twist ties on loafs of toast bread meant: How to Get the Freshest Loaf: Breaking the Bread Code (Also, yes, I miss Swiss bakeries)

Minimalist Phone makes me wish I had an Android. (Does a smilar app exist for iPhones?)

Butter ear studs. For Butter lovers like myself.

– As a Swiss and trained graphic designer I appreciate this Instagram Account entirely dedicated to Swiss poster design.

These sneakers made me giggle.

Kevin Kelly’s life advice is a treasure trove. I especially love this one: Whenever you hug someone, be the last to let go. (It’s something I have become known for and call “hugging awkwardly too long!)

– Bookmarking this Twitter question and all the answers.

– An Instagram account dedicated to public transportation seat patterns. Love visual niche content.

Cornelius teaches you how to make your own clothes. National treasure. (Thanks Ben)

– What kind of background noise would you like? Coffee shop? Japanese Garden? Singing Bowls? Cat purr?

– Want! Splinter Tweezers

– Intereting read: Everyone’s a sellout now, by By Rebecca Jennings

– This made me laugh: Seating with a built-in cat tunnel. (via Chris)

– Yes, its ridiculous, but also FUN: ride on car for kids that cleans the floors while they ride it. Give me one in grown up size, please.

– Here’s a way to prank your parents or look cool for a few days: Check out this new Tattly Sleeve by Tattoo Artist Jessi Preston.

My life has been super busy lately. I miss posting here. Thank you for not giving up on me and my little online garden.

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  1. Hey!
    Yes, for the iPhone, the app is already included! You can use the “focus” feature and have one focus-page for your most important apps and have everything else in another “focus”, which you only access when needed. Hard to explain, I can send you a video of my iPhone screen and how I use it.

    I loooove the function and tell everyone about it! I use it to switch between work mode (iPhone only shows work related apps and notifications) and private mode and “simple life mode” for evenings with just Spotify and phone function. It feels like I have 3 different phones and always the perfect one at hand which I need.

  2. I love love love ur link packs since many years.
    Thank you for sharing those Treasures.
    Love from germany

  3. I’m so glad your list link is back ! thank U !! And I wonder what your life is busy at…

  4. Will never give up on you Tina! I visit your garden every day, regardless <3

  5. I’ve been visiting your garden for the past 10 years or more. Thank you for remembering us, and putting up a post despite your busy schedule! Hope you’re able to catch a breather when you can x