I can’t find my phone

This little site called I can’t find my phone just made my day! It’s brilliant:

Do you know those moments, when you can’t find your phone but there’s noone around you could ask to call you? Well, that’s what www.icantfindmyphone.com is for. Fantastic! And what an adorable execution. Too bad it doesn’t say something like “congrats, you found your phone!”, once you pick up!

(thank you Dave)

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  1. doesn’t work for anyone but Americans, it seems. I just use skype which isn’t as cute but at least works internationally.

  2. such a great idea! i almost want to lose my phone now just so i have a [legitimate] excuse to use it

  3. doesn’t seem to work for Americans either. at least not landlines. perhaps it’s just for mobile

  4. I’m American, and I just tried it with my office (landline) and cell phone. Nothing.

  5. The traffic spike used all of my Twilio credits! Should be all working again now. :)

  6. It does work now, thanks!

  7. I just tried it calling my mobile and worked like a charm. Sweet idea Dave, congrats

  8. It worked for me and I live in Canada in the 519. It did take a while to ring my phone, though, maybe 5 or 10 minutes.

  9. Does it cost anything?

  10. doesn’t work for me in california, just tried twice. good idea though!

  11. Dave is awesome.

  12. This is truly brilliant! Thanks for the find.

  13. How does this help you if your phone is dead and searching for it??! Most people can already use another phone to call their cell phone, but if the battery is dead it’s not going to help. Need some kind of emergency beep!

  14. How is this not a blatant ripoff of WheresMyCellphone.com? Which actually works and has been around for years.

  15. just use gchat phone. free if used within your own country.

  16. Very cute idea!

  17. For those that have had trouble getting it working or seeing a slow response, try again. Dave was having trouble getting the voice API he was using to scale to his call volume. He switched over to Tropo this afternoon so he could scale it.

    Disclosure: I’m the product manager for Tropo and helped Dave get the app moved over to Tropo.

  18. it worked for me in Montreal!

  19. Ummm . . . I tested the service with my cell phone, which rang and I heard the message when I answered. But then I received a call from the same number on my private work line, which I didn’t answer . . . but Googled the number and got this:


    Apparently there are several people receiving multiple calls on different lines from the service. It kinda freaked me out because I’m not sure how or why it would call a land line . . . or even connect my cell with my my private work number. Very odd.

  20. LesleMora: It only calls numbers that are typed into the box. So someone’s typing your number into that field, perhaps on accident (a typo) or as a prank.

    I know Dave is working on a way of adding your number to a blacklist so you can stop folks who are pranking you. I’ve also talked with him about setting up some limits so someone can’t use the service to repeatedly call numbers.

  21. So what you’re saying is I know some pranksters on Facebook? Good to know Adam, good to know. Lucky for me the field is narrowed down to the usual suspects . . . those characters who are privy to my desk number. Paybacks are hell. muahahahaha . . . ahem . . . sorry, getting ready for Halloween.

  22. Nice idea, nice design :)

  23. Very neat application !!

  24. not working for INDIA cell phones..!!

  25. I LOVE it & had to add it as a bookmark…DAVE MUST HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH A SHARP MIND, A WARM & SHARING SOUL. This site has decreased my daily senior moments along with my blood pressure. I sent him a cup of coffee, however, I think I should have sent enough to have a cup a week for a year! So, lets all SHARE A SNOWFLAKE this Christmas season, if everyone sent him enough for a cup of coffee maybe we could return a bit of pleasure & make HIM SMILE! So easy thru paypal. This had to cost him some $$$ & there is no charge to use it. Happy Holiday Season Dave & Thanks Again.

  26. great idea but i hope its available for indian phones

  27. i love this i was about to scream so i looked up where can i find my phone called it rung and i found it before my parents got home i love this thanx who ever made it i love you

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