Granny Lampshade

Next time your grandma wants to knit you a sweater maybe tell her to do a lampshade instead? Seriously, how cool are these knitted Granny lampshades?

(via cielbleu)

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  1. What a pity neither of my grannies knits!

  2. LOL great idea

  3. ooo, i’m SO making one of these.

  4. The natural wool colored one looks like it was made of some of my own handspun yarn :)

  5. These remind me of lampshades that were in our room at a lovely hotel in Wengen! That was a long time ago. Somewhere, I have a photo of my friend putting his arms around and hugging the lampshade. (…there was probably peppermint shnapps involved : )

  6. A housefire waiting to happen :)

  7. Not as cool as these lamps: (small version, also in more colors) and (large version)

  8. Love them. Somehow they reminded me of these lamp shades: