Letter March

My studiomate Aymie is carving a linocut letter a day for the month of march. Chosen typeface: Champion Gothic by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Lightweight was chosen based on a deep rooted affection with its ampersand. I can’t wait to see the posters she’ll be cooking up with these!

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  1. I love how there’s already a bandaid in the very first picture.

  2. Very cool! I’m a young graphic designer working diligently to get as many things under my belt (e.g. right now I’m taking on a MASSIVE screen printing project and it’s my first time) as I can while I’m still in school. This seems like a great idea for my next big undertaking.

  3. Awesome! Seems like a really fun project to do.

    What is she going to be doing with them afterwards? They would be awesome to just have as decoration in the house!

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