Lucid Mirror

Lucid Mirrow Adam Frank

I happend to stumble upon Adam Frank’s Lucid Mirror at NYNOW and it took my breath away. It’s a stunning décor mirror that places luminous 3D sunrays illuminating clouds behind the plane of the reflective surface. Viewers can ‘touch’ the illusion with their reflected image.

The above image doesn’t do it justice. It’s magical. Believe me.

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  1. that is spectacular and wish i was rich….


    Seems cool though. I would rather get an Oculus Rift (or a couple) for that price.

  3. What section/booth?!? Would love to check this out in person!

  4. I saw it there as well. Love it!
    Also saw JIX which I think I learned about through you linking to his Kickstarter. I bought 5 packs.

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