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Apple introduced Aperture, the first all-in-one post production tool that supposedly provides everything photographers need after the shoot.

Featuring a RAW-focused workflow, Aperture makes RAW as easy as JPEG, letting you import, edit, catalog, organize, retouch, publish, and archive your images more effectively and efficiently than ever before. From capture to output, you work directly with your RAW files, never having to first convert them into another format before viewing, adjusting, organizing, or printing them.

Looks and sounds promising: watch the quick tour.

I see that you can only pre-order it at this point? Did anyone of you get your hands on it already? If so, what’s your verdict on Aperture?


On another note: What is up with the black background on Apples Apperture website? It makes me shiver. I feel like I am being sucked back into the web-80’s!

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  1. black is the new black .. well maybe not. But here it seems to make perfect sense. Aperture is aimed towards the professional photographer – and that trade is still very much connected to the old fashioned dark room. Works well for me :)
    Anyway. Looks all very exciting. Especially after having sat through the tours.

  2. Tina, you may want to follow this thread over at flickr

  3. Great, Thank you Michael! NYC is waving!