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TogetherSaw this in the current issue of REALSIMPLE: [ Together ] book: Bind your photos in a beautiful linen hardcover book. It’s easy to order: Gather your photos and organize them in stacks between 25 and 100 photos. Order your book online, select a cover color, optional stamping and optional slipcase. Send your photos to the address provided along with your order receipt slip. [ Together ] book $29.99. (Their website definitely needs some work, but I guess, it’s a one-woman-show starting out with a good idea. Good luck!)

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  1. http://www.togetherbook.com just launched a new digital upload program. You can upload your digital images from your computer and they will print your photos on either 4×6 or 5×7 archival paper. The prices are very competitive for the printing and you get a great book. They also sent me a 10% off coupon: LAUNCH07