quote | val casey

“Good design does not occur suddenly or without work. It is an evolution of successes and failures. Don’t ever be so attached to a design or a design element that you can’t throw it out and start again. Your style will develop over time. It grows from experience, from practice, from trial and error, and from observation. The way you solve problems is your style. Believe in your style.”

val casey (creative director frog design NYC)

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  1. Totally! that’s the good thing about design. Unlike science, there’s no “correct” or “incorrect” formula to create one design piece. It allows you to grow to be what or where you want it to be.

    I’ve just found your blog thru POPPY. Love you blog! tons of great links! I’m adding you to my daily reads. :)


  2. OMG – I needed to read that – what a timeless quote and something that every designer needs to hear. I have sat so many times staring at a psd in progress in Photoshop because I had an idea/vision stuck in my head and couldnt/didnt want to let it go.