swiss made | swiss army blanket

Ever since I saw one of these swiss army blankets at the stylish Ace Hotel in Seattle, I want one for my apartment!

Swiss Army – Blanket with Swiss Cross
CHF 80 CHF (Approx. $60.80)

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  1. You’re getting duped from that site. You should be paying roughly 50 CHF, which is what I paid for mine a while back. I got mine off ebay (from a swiss seller) – everyone was charging roughly the same. If you’ve got friends in Zürich then you should be able to have them find you one there too. Good luck.

  2. thanks for the info! good to know!

  3. no problem.

  4. New to your blog…I know this is an older post…but had to put in props for the Ace Hotel…I LOVE that place!

  5. duped ? these blankets are very hard to find nowadays and got more expensive. We sell them for CHF 65.- currently