vintage golf carts

Magnet2Oh, G will love this link: Vintage Golf Carts (Parts)

(thank you janine!)

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  1. I found a little 2 cylinder truck that is about 1965 model Cushman. It has a three speed manual transmission, street legal, gots about 35 mph, and has an alternator and 12 volt battery. It seems to be in good running order, and the body is good. Does anyone have any idea on what a good price would be to buy this?

  2. I found a little truck, about a 1965 Cushman that is in good running order and has a good body. It has an alternator with a 12 volt battery, goes about 35 mph, is a two cylinder engine with a three speed manual transmission, and it is street legal licensed as a golf cart.
    Does anyone have an idea about what this little vehicle is worth? I want to make an offer on it.

  3. I’m looking for pre-electronic vintage (electric) golf carts parts, in particular, solenoids, potentiometers, wires….if you have any information please email me. thanks.

  4. i need a movable contact mounting board for a 1973 cushman eom number 817774 can anyone help me locate on?