schlauch | rubber hose belt


Want a different kind of belt? Try ‘Schlauch’ (= german for rubber hose). They are all unique, see where they’re from on the back imprint. Cool idea! Go Schlauch!

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  1. Hei a realy cool product! I think i will buy one.. thanks good i am from germany. so i will have no shipping costs.

  2. I’ve actually tied bicycle innertube around my waist when I’ve been somewhere on my bike and forgotten my belt. The buckle would certainly work better, but the smell of rubber isn’t so great.

  3. these are so cool, aren’t they?

    i think the idea is brilliant. definitely a reason i had to write about it as well.

    and did you see… they even have the belts for little kiddies? alright, so your peanut might have to patiently grow but…

    it’s a fabulous idea! so yup, go schlauch go!


  4. Very old idea out of the 80´s.