top 15 skylines in the world

(Would love to go and see Hong Kong’s skyline…)

Diserio’s Top 15 Skylines in the World v3.0.

(via coudal)

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  1. Not even an Honorable Mention for San Francisco? Weaksauce!

  2. One day there will be a time when work isn’t that crazy and i will actually be able to visit one of these city’s.

    Dean (Manchester UK)

  3. This is the first time i have visited your site and i havent done too much exploreing yet
    but i did stuble on the worlds top 15 best skylines
    now im sure you here alot of bais on this issue but i was a little hurt to not see my city up there
    i dont mind that it wasn’t on the top 15 but not even an hounerable mention
    and I know that you have your guidelines but it actualy kind of hurts to have both montreal and toronto pass vancouver
    Im sure that you have seen pictures of here and if you havent then you realy should
    Vancouver B.C.-Canada
    Please check it out sumtime
    currently we have a building boom going on here, they are not tall by any standards internationaly but that is because of our hight restriction of 200m
    however to counteract this we make our buildings realy thin
    and it is also one of the most ddensely populated downtown cores in the world
    so i do recomend that you check out sum uptodate pictures of it esspecialy compareing it to evrything that has gone up in the city since 1990
    Thank you