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004869dfd91be767650b2d9b589ded8dLip, Body and Other Salve Set: Originally developed to prevent blisters on poor soldiers feets, this wonder salve is mostly being used as a lip-balm today. ‘Mostly’ also refers to ‘Most of the swedish population’. It is “the” lip balm – there really is nothing else competing with it’s popularity over the years and understandably so: It tastes good! It works as advertised, and it has a long range of uses: in swedish military-service, soldiers are instructed to use this to fry with in case there is nothing else and should harsh days pass without food, well, maybe not as tasty as a burger, it would keep you from dying… Also useable as bike-chain-oil, a candle (if melted between fingers and molded around a wick) and in severe cases some sort of hair-goo to get that terrible doo in shape. It contains, amongst other types of oils and fat, peanut-oil, so nut-allergics should avoid this.

Oh, I want one! Just alone the unusual/typographic packaging makes me want one. But then the explanatory copy put me over the edge. Lip balm gone bike-chain-oil, gone hair-goo….? Interesting. Go swedes!

Available at Salvor Kiosk

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  1. Swissmiss, ich schicke Dir gerne einen ;) (brauche aber deine Addy).
    Habe mich in Schweden gut ausgestattet mit Hudsalva und sie dieser Balsam ist auch prima und praktisch!

  2. I can send you one! Im a huge fan of the product and always have a large bag filled with Försvarets Hudsalva at home.

    Just send me your adress!

    Im in Shanghai at the moment but Ill be back in two weeks, Ill post you a tube by then.

  3. this is the dumbest comment ever, but…i should note that peanuts are not nuts, but legumes. so even those allergic to nuts could enjoy lubing up their bike chains and licking their fingertips afterward!

  4. Hehe, nice. You can get it everywhere here in Sweden, and it’s actually quite good.

    When I did the military service we used it a lot!

  5. I just returned home from Sweden two weeks ago…I bought so much of this stuff! It is the best product around, tasty and perfect for your lips. All of my friends here in America absolutely love it. I’m not sure what I will do when my stockpile runs out!

  6. hej!!!meine salbe is nun leider alle,habe vor ca 5 jahren auch super gute erfahrungen gemacht.schaffe es aber aus beruflichen gründen nicht nach schweden,um meinen vorrad aufzustocken.
    has du noch was da?wenn ja, kostenpunkt?
    hoffe,auf eine baldige antwort und wäre dir zutiefstem dank verpflichtet!
    liebe grüße tina

  7. During websearch I came across this site which tells you how to order from a Swedish site.. in ENGLISH.

  8. I am desperate to get some of these for christmas gifts !!!! I got hooked on it when they had it at kiosk. ANY idea where I can get some of these here in the states ASAP? In particular, I want at least 1 tube for my scandanavian heart throb. I will drive anywhere to get one. i live in Brooklyn. THANK YOU !!!

  9. I get one form a friend, and I´m so glad to have one now. how could send me more?

  10. you can buy from e bay.

  11. […] reading up on the product’s story, and it seems to get more interesting and more interesting. Swiss Miss explains that the product was originally designed to prevent blisters on soldiers feet, but could […]

  12. Hey I’m a job corps student in Curlew Washington now days, originally from Eugene, Oregon. I’m not use to the climate so I been getting pretty messed up from it. I wanted to see if any of you could help me acquire some of this? I found one website with it and it would cost me 50$ a tube due to shipping. Replies appreciated! Thx!