email paralysis

Today’s word hits the nail on the head: email paralysis

The inability to send or reply to emails in a timely manner, caused either by their overwhelming number, or an individual’s own shortcomings that stem from spineless avoidance of interpersonal communication.

My grandmother’s email never received a reply; email paralysis left me ineffectual.

My inbox has reached over 2000 emails and just the other day, I came really close to just ‘select all’ and then hit ‘delete’. I am suffering from a major case of email paralysis, due to little Ella, who’s keeping me very busy… Maybe we should also extend this term to ‘blogging paralysis’!

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  1. heh. i owe you a response to your last email. ;)

  2. i wonder if you can still jump on it!

  3. One word, well okay…one acronym GTD.

    I swear by this productivity workflow! Gimme a shout if you need more info I have schematics!