this is so wrong!


Zaky® Infant Pillow

Make sure to check out the images on the bottom. It sure will make you laugh.
Boy, oh boy, this is so wrong.

(thanks oszgur!)

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  1. I think this might give me nightmares! Man, that’s creepy…

  2. Eeeeewwwwww…..

  3. It’ll be really creepy if the infant starts to prefer the fakey hands to the real thing.

  4. This thing scared me at first, but the more you look the more awesome it gets!! It’s like a muppet blew up in the crib – now the kid will have nightmares about handless muppets! ahhhhh

  5. Beyond satire. This is hilarious. It’s like something that George’s dad in Seinfeld might have invented! And they say it is being used in a hospital special care unit!
    What were they thinking? Did no-one say “are you guys crazy, you want to make WHAT!?” At what point in the process did it become unremarable? The juxtaposition between the “objective/serious” marketing text and the “appalling-ness” of the picture is just fantastic.

    I will try to get friends in my marketing study group to read the text first, then suggest they guess what the thing (the thing!!) looks like, THEN give them the link to see it.

    It really is the most astonishing thing I have seen in weeks, no make that months.
    Thanks very much for sharing this Swiss Miss!
    And many congrats to you both on the safe arrival of your daughter.


  6. Horrible! I ranted about this THING on my blog also.

  7. I gotta tell you, babies are not that easily fooled.

  8. This looks like something Jim Henson was buried with.

  9. yes it is wrong .. i mean comon .. one should always always have time to hold their baby .. and love their baby and kiss their baby ..

  10. hey all of you guys who only have negative comments (I don´t want to be rude saying a different adjective :) )….Have you ever had a baby in the Intensive Unit Care?….seems clearly NO!….so I am sure if you had, you would never have written such kind of comments. I had a baby in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) in Argentine. And the Zaky was VERY useful and an incomparable product. I am SO thankful for people who dedicate their lives to help other babies like my nephew Tommy. So I am so sorry that you write such comments without knowing abaout the product or the effectiveness of it. I guess you must never had it also…..
    Or maybe have you ever had to work while your baby is in the NICU with an stranger?

    No guess not…… >) bye guys!