swissmiss gone switzerland


G, little miss Ella and I are heading to swiss alps today. Hooray! I apologize in advance for a lack of postings… But I shall return with a suitcase FULL of designy swiss links for you all!

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  1. Wish you a nice trip back home

  2. What a beautiful shot. A grey and cloudy sky never looks that gorgeous over NYC.

  3. I think this is near Lauterbrunnen.. am i right?

    Beautiful area..

  4. Have a great time! We’ll miss you. Switzerland looks gorgeous.


    Hi – you may have already seen the entry above, but if not have a quick look because I think it’s got one of the simplest, yet most clever brand icons I’ve ever seen. And thought you would like it as it uses the Swiss flag so effectively. Enjoy your blog – thanks.

  6. Enjoy your trip! If you need a good Hotel, Restaurant or Bar check out!

  7. Your blog is great!….

    Enjoy your trip and appenzeller cheese


  8. oooOOOHHH!!! Come back soon, please! I love your blog.

  9. yes, please come back soon. Missing you a plenty. x

  10. Don’t forget to bring back my rosti…. Miss you, girl! :)

  11. Oooh, and my Appenzeller cheese salad!

  12. that’s fabulous that you got away for a holiday with peanutella swissbaby :)

  13. Wow! I want to go!

  14. when are u coming backkkkkkkk