back from the alps.


We made it back. Hooray! Back in Brooklyn after a sausage-cheese-fresh-air-family-filled-switzerland-week. Our little Ella has proven once again, to be a world traveler at heart. One of our highlights was the visit of Liner Museum in Appenzell. Designed by the Zurich-based architects Gigon/Guyer, the museum and art gallery are dedicated to the paintings of Carl Liner senior and junior, as well as contemporary artwork.

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  1. Freut mich das es ‘ne tolle riese war.
    nice to have you guys back!

  2. Welcome back, darlin’! We’ve missed you on this side of the pond… I don’t s’pose you brought me back any appenzeller cheese salad this time, did you? mmmmmm… salad made of cheese… ;)

  3. glad you’re back safe and sound, tina. thankfully i won’t have to continue to stare at the old men in speedos photo (bloglines kept popping it up as a new post every day you were gone) ;)

  4. Great to see you are back! I missed your posts!

  5. Your blog is so stylish I just CAN’T BELIEVE you are from Appenzell! Please Tina, tell me that I’m wrong!
    Sorry, I was joking: I’m in love with (the rest of) Switzerland…