this has rocked my world.


I can not remember when I was last this excited about a new purchase. No, I am not talking about a new iPod-like-gadget, I am talking about a cleaning device. No kidding. I am raving about the Swivel Sweeper

All of you parents/dog owners will know, how hard it can be to keep up with our little pals’ messes. Ella lives on the floor and puts everything she can find in her mouth. So, having a tool that helps me keep the floors clean easily is key. Swivel Sweeper is lightweight and works on carpet, wood and tile. It’s rechargable (no cords!) and swivels 360° to take corners fast.

It gets two swissmiss-thumbs up! Try it.

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  1. I am going to buy one…
    I like the design and I need a simple sweeper.

  2. The swivel sweeper is great tool and there’s currently an offer on right now where you can buy one and get another for free!