parkhausberlin at the national stationery show NYC

ParkhausBerlin felt products make my heart rate go up a notch. They trigger the swissmiss “me-want-me-want-button”. Being such a big fan of their designs, I was honored to have dinner with the founder and designer Anja Witte and her assistant Randi Lockemann last night. I must have asked them about ten million questions. They told me about all the new exciting products that they are coming out with soon. (I had to swear secrecy and oh it’s killing me!) If you happen to be at the National Stationery Show this weekend, make sure to drop by their booth #3780. Their products are truly truly amazing! A hooray to felt! A hooray to! Here are some of my favorite products:

dispo cardsized case

simple bag

bamboo bag

david and victoria egg cosy

happy birthday garland

number key fobs

pig keyfob

espresso coaster

If you want to see all of their products, download their PDF Catalogue.

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  1. that egg cosy is amazing, I have this huge thing for egg cups and cosy, I just can’t get enough.

  2. Great stuff, pity I am thousands of miles away.

  3. Where can we buy in US?

  4. I purchased the felt baskets from and I love them. High, high quality!