skype and wal-mart? yikes.


Yikes. Skype teamed up with Wal-Mart? Amazing how unbelievably uncool Skype has gotten with this move, at least in my book. Dissapointing.

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  1. wow, i couldn’t agree more. i was somehow hoping that they were more interested in connecting people across the world than in making money.

  2. have either of you _bought_ anything from Skype.. time/minutes, etc? gotta pay rent, dudes.

  3. Yeah fur sure… cuz buying iPods at Walmartz iz so not kewl ethr…

    I think it’s a damn smart move for Skype and it’s definitely going to bring the cost of Wi-Fi phones down which is a big plus in my books!

    Ubiquitous availability + Tubes = PROFIT!