alien abduction lamp


Not sure how I would explain this Alien Abduction Lamp to my daughter but it dfinitely made me smile. As much as I love living in NYC, I do miss seeing cows outside my window. Growing up, I would hear their cowbells in the morning, when waking up. No kidding, cows really wear cowbells in Switzerland.

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  1. Its true, they do where bells, and they’re not quiet either.
    its brilliant!

  2. Yes it made me smile as well:) But then I thought; would I be smiling if I actually saw that happening? I still love it!!

  3. Not just the cows with bells, but the sound of the river swooshing down the valley and the bleets of the goats as they pushed down the fence and ran into the flower garden eating everything in site mingled with the yells of the farmer next door…

  4. Mmmm. Crap sprayed fields and super load bells (especially since they tend to stay in groups and sometimes, yes, sometimes even run.) Man, I’m missing it too ;-(

  5. this is freaking amazing, thank you!