room with a view


This room above (click here for larger view) has me drooling. Heaven on earth. The rest of the house is here. And yes, it’s in Switzerland.

(via grijs)

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  1. Yeah, it is gorgeous. I remember seeing it someplace a few months ago and saved the pictures, but they weren’t as extensive as these.
    That first shot with the view out the window reminds me of some commissioned structures that were erected and sprinkled randomly throughout hiking trails in the Ozarks (I think) for no purpose other than catching a breath and gazing. There was a bridge and a kind of tree house like fort on stilts that you climbed up into with a window that looked just like this.
    If I remember correctly it wasn’t so high up that the view was changed significantly from ground level but the effect caused by the framing and the light inside the room was really striking . I can’t remember the architect’s name or the exact location, but I’m sure I have it around someplace…..

  2. I’ve also been drooling since the day I saw it. Einfach Wunderbar

  3. I’ve been looking for information on this place since we saw it when we went up to Rigi Scheidegg in January. Thank you for writing about it!