mutatoes, a project by uli westphal



During my Berlin visit, two weeks ago, I came across a young artist called Uli Westphal. He had a stand at a farmers market at the Kollwitzplatz, but the produce he was showing looked awfully strange. It was the moment where I was introduced to the wonderfully strange world of Mutatoes: A collection of non-standard fruits, roots and vegetables found at Berlins Super-and Farmers Markets. Uli’s project serves to document and archive these last survivors of biological variety. View the mutatoes collection.

I am completely hooked! I truly hope Uli will sell posters of the collection overview.

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  1. what a cool, cool blog you have here.

  2. for the past two days, i’ve gasped, giggled or smiled at almost every one of your posts. welcome back!

  3. I love gardening and pulling out something fabulous-like a feminine carrot with the legs crossed or a tomato with a nose. Its natural personification!

  4. I would totally buy a poster of that too! (esp. cuz of the colour coordination… would look great in my flat)

  5. Uli’s Mutatoes continue to travel worldwide.