please do not touch the bonsai.


This photo by BB made me laugh. If only our little Ella could read already, I would put one up in front of our Bonsai here at casa swissmiss. I wonder though, what’s a Bonsai alarm sound like?

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  1. It should be a very tiny alarm. :)

  2. It’d be fantastic if they were all equipped with Hanakotoba:

  3. I imagine the alarm as Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-San shouting “BONSAI!” back and forth. As you can probably tell, I’ve had limited experience with Bonsai.

    I wonder if the alarm monitors the electric charge from the plant? Can you make a Bonsai clock?

  4. Prevention is better than an alarm. All it would take is a cut-out of a hand with index finger extended, mounted on a spring, and waving back and forth in a “No, No, No” motion.