portable BBQ


If this portable BBQ isn’t an absolutely brilliant idea, I don’t know what is. Yes, I am a big fan of collapsable designs. Keep in mind folks, we live in a 2 bedroom apartment – no basement, no storage. The ‘swissmiss’ rule: If it doesn’t fold flat, it’s not coming into our apartment. :)

(via mightygoods)

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  1. And it’s a very good grill, too.

  2. I agree with you. I live in a miniature version of your 2 bedroom. i recently bought a portable grill. Basically it had to be easy to clean, light, cheap & compact enough to store away in an envelope. Well suffice to say I manage to get 1 out of 4. I would have bought this had I seen it back then. Very cool design. Very cool concept.

  3. Looks beautiful. But unless you can easily clean it . . .

    We had a collapsible grill. After 2-3 uses we had to reassign it to a friend with a deck. These things stink after a few uses. Unless you have amazing ventilation in your closets, I’d avoid.

  4. Very cool. I also live in a tiny 2 bedroom. Love new small space finds.

  5. “These things stink after a few uses.”..?????
    yes its a bbq! keep it in a plastic bag!
    good product but it didnt last long, needed to be tougher.

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  8. hello everybody! i’ m from italy and i really want to buy this bbq for my boyfriend!
    so the point is: where i can find it in italy??!?!

  9. who sells this bbq?