The Search for the Perfect Thermos


Matthew is searching for the perfect thermos/travel mug, that has NO stainless steel, no handle, and is aesthetically simple, and well thought through for its functionality. He has looked endlesslessly, he said, and has yet to find anything worthy of the coffee he’ll put into it. Does your travel mug sound anything like what Matthew is looking for? Or are you an industrial designer currently redefining the thermos landscape?

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  1. Tina! Holy Thanks!
    Alright people, I need your help. This started out as a passing fancy, but when my wife asked me (in a tone that suggested she thought I was a nut), whether “I expected to actually find my perfect mug”, this quest went from fun to serious. I now have a point to prove, and coffee to love.


  2. I really like the Thermos Travel Tumbler CPC1010A categorized under the Raya brand. It’s still pretty maintstream but it has the basic needs covered.

  3. Looking for the perfect thermos requires the perfect thermos-finding song.

    Sung by Steve Martin in “The Jerk”

  4. aw… don’t get down on stainless. unlike plastics and aluminum, it’s the only material that will definitely not introduce toxins into your liquids. it’s recyclable and it’s non-reactive (doesn’t effect flavors).

  5. I’ve had great luck with the Oxo LiquiSeal travel mug. It’s plastic, has no handle, and the lid, which screws on, has a button on top that press once to drink from it, and press again to close it off. The seal is good, too. I’m always throwing it in a bag or a car seat, and I haven’t had a problem with leakage yet.

    Also, it’s not bad to look at. It comes in a few colors, and if you’re looking for simple, it should fit the bill.

  6. Ye must let us know when the quest is complete and the holy thermos is found. I take coffee to work everyday and all the mugs I use are deficient in some manner. A new one is needed and your quest will be very helpful.


    The best part is “Brand Not Specified” its is iconic without personality.

    Works perfectly, yet is very witty.

  8. My partner and I go out of the way to avoid plastic, so we wanted a stainless stell thermos flask, and got a huge one made by Thermos that can keep coffee hot (or cold) for 24 hours or more. For travel mugs we also use stainless steel rather than plastic ones.

    I should look for some out-of-copyright woodcuts of coffee mugs for my site :-)