swissmiss on blogging etiquette

1. If you don’t like a blog, don’t go back. Don’t waste your time leaving nasty comments. It’s not good for your skin.

2. Be honest, link back. If you see something on someone elses blog, and you post it on yours, be sure to credit the original source.

3. Using a picture from flickr? Credit the photographer. Link the image in your blogpost back to the original on flickr or put a caption saying: “originally uploaded by…”

To be continued.

(This post was inspired by coming across a blog this morning that was basically an exact copy of swissmiss, with no ‘via links’ and another blog that used some of my flickr images, again, no linking back or credits. The three points above are common sense. No?)

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  1. I just posted on my blog based on a post from yours and it says VIA SWISSMISS. I hope you are not talking about me.



  2. gonzalo, no worries, no, I didn’t mean your blog. :)

  3. so curious what the copying blog is!?

  4. I’m glad to here it’s not about me, since I really appreciate what you do. :)

  5. I’m dying to know who is the impolite person who doesn’t use “via links”

    Don’t worry Tina, truth emerges no matter what.

    Regards, Guille.

  6. The funny part is that there was this huge movement against “via” links and for the most part people missed the point.

    It wasn’t the reference that was being criticized, it was the lack of original content.

  7. Well, and here’s the thing…don’t they know you can track them? They come to your site and then copy…you track. Ummm, duh?

  8. i would feel not linking back would be cheating, pretending something is my own when its not. you can only get away with it on the internet, but i couldn’t do it, so i always link back.

    dont tell us who that was, we really dont want to generate traffic for him/her. ;)

  9. Yes!

    Always use vias, and I have just started regularly using others’ CC-licensed Flickr images for illustration, always with a link back (which most of them actually require under the CC by-attribution condition).

  10. that’s awful! I have had similar experiences where people basically copied my html code, downloaded my images and uploaded the whole page (or pages) onto their own site, without my name or website info. I call it “sitenapping”. I have written to these people and in most cases prevailed upon them to take down the page or to credit me for the original information, but not always.

  11. I don’t usually put the “via” link but always link the source or blog with every single post I make at the title of the post. You click the title and you get tele-transported to the magic place where the post/image/photo was generated.
    Sometimes a designer/company send information about a new product to all the blogsphere at the same time, so you will see the same post all over the blogs.
    I really enjoy swissmiss and I will now enjoy Gonzalo’s! ; )