The simple, ceramic Hookbox (2005) was designed for the entryway, bathroom or any other space where you can use a hook and a storage container for small items. The Hookbox works great in multiples and can hold 12 lbs on the hook and 2 lbs in the storage container.

I would like one for our little Ella, so I can store her sippy cup, binky and blankie. Oh, and to hang her coat. But $270 might be pushing the budget a little bit on that one…

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  1. this is something I could totally use. though I don’t have a purse or anything like that to hang, I always want to dump my stuff somewhere and I always end up losing my keys because I put it down wherever I am first in the house. this would be great, but seriously? 270? someone needs to make a cheaper version of this.. quick!

  2. Yes yes. A LOT cheaper (say, 1/10th of that ridiculously inflated pricing) and made of plastic would suit me fine. Or 1/5th of the price and made of ceramic.

    This is just one of those moments in design where the cachet pricetag doesn’t quite balance out with the engineering and materials.

    I DO want one ever-so-badly, however… they are nice…