where do you want to sit?


Napoleon versus Napoleon 1999, by Kuno Nuessli in collaboration with Sven-Anwar Bibi

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  1. I’d tie their shoe laces together. That’d work great in my condo.

  2. What a great idea for a kid’s playroom or t.v. room. I guess as long as your children don’t like to play king of the mountain.

  3. How the hell do you get on the top one is there a ladder or something ?

  4. Personally I don’t see why this isn’t sold everywhere, and why everyone doesn’t have one. It makes perfect sense to me! Bunk beds..bunk sofas. All you need is a ladder, and you’re set, especially if you have a lot of family or friends, OR both, and there’s never any room for anyone and you end up pushing each other off until everyone’s on the floor. I really wish concept designs like this were everywhere. Or had been around a whole lot earlier.

  5. Where can I get one?

  6. how and where can get one?

  7. Where can i buy one? And how much? Im very interested in this item, someone give me information?

  8. We are 7 in a very small house and have to do random name selector as to who is going to sit on the floor!! This New Years Eve we all squeezed on the sofa and then my 14 year old step son suggested a double decker sofa, which I laughed my head off at and then thought Yep! This would be the best idea ever. So please kindly let me know how I can get one and cost etc. Many many thanks.

  9. What if you’re sitting in the top middle? Do you climb over everyone if you want to go to the bathroom? And if you’re on the bottom? Are you just gonna watch a bunch of dangling feet? Then no one would want to sit on the bottom…

  10. Have you had more page hits since the release of The LEGO Movie?