Helvetica DVD!


YAY! I’ve received my much anticipated Helvetica DVD last night. I ordered the limited-edition package in a custom box that includes the retail DVD, three letterpressed mini-posters, a color C-print of a still from the film (one of ten different stills) signed by director Gary Hustwit, two love/hate Helvetica buttons, and a letter of actual Helvetica metal type! Psyched!

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  1. Mannn, where’s mine? It’s been MONTHS…

  2. I forgot to get my poster from you when I was there! Doh…

  3. Nice but I still don’t have mine and I have no info on it either. No tracking number or anything. I didnt even get an email telling me that it was going to be delayed.

  4. i’m so mad you got the limited edition set. i missed out buying it by just a couple days…

  5. Veer had a nice bundle that had the dvd, a coffee mug & a notebook for $55, but I’m pretty sure they are sold out. :(

  6. Awesome! Maybe mine will get to me soon…

  7. Just got mine! Woot!

  8. Awww, lucky! I missed the screening at my university because I was busy that night, I want to buy the regular DVD since I missed out on this amazing boxed set!

  9. Got mine yesterday, so awesome!

  10. I watched this on NetFlix. It was amazing and inspireing ! I will order the dvd as it is a keeper.

  11. you are all so sad!!!!

    get a life, or at lest idolise a better font, maybe eurostile extended bold italic.

    how do you sleep at night? you spunk $20 on a typeface dvd when there are dying kids in africa.