Kemp Attwood | Photographer + Designer


Image by Kemp Antwood, Late Fall, Featured in Making Room, a magazine about the process, intention and results of image-making. Kemp is a Canadian designer and photographer currently living in Paris, France. While working and traveling around the world, Kemp’s warm and evocative images have appeared on You can also see Kemp’s photos in the unique image-collage tool he developed the Photo Sampler.

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  1. Hi Tina – Thanks for featuring our mini feature with Kemp. It’s one of my favourite photos.

  2. Making Room is very cool. Davin Risk and Ross Evertson are at the helm. There’s a wealth of incisive interviews, stories and links for photographers and image-makers. Keep an eye on their blog for the weekly ‘SOLO’ image series launched this fall (of which I am the humble recipient this week).