$100 Bill iPhone+iPod Touch Stand

How to make your own $100 Bill iPhone+iPod Touch Stand: 100% designed in Switzerlandby Enrique Pardo, and it works with $1 or Euro or even Swiss bills!

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  1. video doesnt work anymore…

  2. Nice. What songs did you use in that clip?

  3. More exclusive if you use 500 euro!


  4. Wow, thats impressive. Doubt I will actually use 100 bucks but a 5 or a 10 should do the trick.

    P.S. What song is that…it’s incredible.

  5. Love that song!!!!

  6. Better than paying the ridiculous price Apple charges.

  7. Wow that was pretty impressive. At least I don’t have to spend money for ipod’s stand. I will definitely use my 1dollar bill for my ipod and my friends will surely amazed on this unique stand.

  8. May I please have the name of that song? I had to pause a lot :) it’s a neat video.