oh my! swisscom’s new logo/brand


Swisscom, the biggest Swiss telecom operator, will be launching a new brand identity: the new logo, which will be rolled out across fixnet, mobile and Internet services next spring, is the one at right. Check out the animated logo over on the custom rebranding website. While the new mark truly doesn’t do anything for me, I must say I enjoyed watching the history of the brand itself. Click on “Die Motivation”.

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  1. Hm, no … I have to say, that’s kind of a disappointing logo. It’s cool when it moves, but as a “still” logo? … I don’t know ….

  2. being a Swisscom employee I can add that currently fixnet, mobile, etc.. are operating as separate companies and have been quite distant from each other.
    Starting January we are all coming together to one big happy family!
    I think that’s what the new logo is supposed to symbolize!

  3. (but I really like the rounded-hidden swiss cross)

  4. Here we go again bashing on other people’s designs, without knowing what the brief is and what the context of the change was.

  5. I agree with Agnieszka. Cool when it’s moving, but not very striking when it isn’t. Is it supposed to be a pear as previously suggested?

    The movie on their website is kinda cool. Can anyone identify the music they’ve used. Heard it used on television numerous times over the years but have never been able to trace the title.

  6. Actually, ten minutes since my last comment, I’m warmed to it significantly. Perhaps it’s the nice music, pleasant swirling visuals and design-speak. Even the static logo is looking nicer.

  7. Interesting animation, boring static logo, as has been stated above me.
    I think the long animation is just visual masturbation of the makers, although I do get it better after watching the process behind it. Still, even though the concept is strong, the resulting visual is disappointing.

  8. Much better than the previous design, but I still don’t like it.

  9. Interesting is also the spot of swisscom to throw out labels like bluewin – a big work to rebuilt a corporate identity as a international company.

  10. Oh my indeed. Another one of our great national logos has been downgraded. :^(

  11. So he was stood in the bathroom about to brush his teeth when suddenly some Colgate squirted out.
    At least that’s where I’m assuming the inspiration for that thing came from.

    Bizzare and looks a tad lost, but not as bad as the crud they made for London 2012.

  12. To Tezza: the song used is La Ritournelle by Sébastian Tellier. In my opinion a great choice!


  13. und hier die wahrheit über das neue swisscom-logo!

    here’s the truth about the new swisscom-logo!