graph desk


I am in love with the graph desk from cb2. A white beauty!

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  1. Also good is the Skew table (link below). I was in a CB2 store recently and this looks much nicer in person than in the picture on their website. The beveled edge lends a lot of interest without being flashy, and the high gloss is quite attractive:

    The price is right as well ($450).

    I just wish more catalogues offered more table choices in lengths greater than 72″. Some of us do live in houses, not in tiny apartments. To get a wide, 80-96″ white lacquer table (let alone ten feet, which is what I’m looking for) you can expect to spend $2000 minimum, or more like $6,000 for something really nice.

    I’m tempted to buy two of these Skew tables and just push them together, but with the splay legs you lose a lot of seating capacity, and it really isn’t as wide as I need… (I’m fishing for suggestions, y’all, in case you couldn’t tell.)

  2. That’s so funny. I thought of you immediately when I saw this in the CB2 catalog. Enough room for it in the new B&B?

  3. Have you seen it in person? I fell in love with it in the catalog last week, and then went to the Soho store on Friday to have look. I’m no longer interested. Disappointing!

    Two things to note:
    1) The drawers have a curved/convex front, and look as though they were not designed for this otherwise-angular desk.

    2) The “exposed natural” wood edge is really just a strip of edging printed to look like plywood. It looks extremely fake.

  4. p.s. Hudson, if you’re not opposed to ovals, might I suggest the Gidea table from IKEA? It’s super-glossy, and very attractive.