natural tree-stump side table


natural tree-stump side table

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  1. It looks nice but when you only get 20 or so side tables from a 50 year old Canadian Redwood it’s not exactly environmentally friendly.

  2. Love this tree stump table it would look great beside my log couch:-)

  3. Nice piece!
    I create pieces like this, using logs that are bound for the paper factory. This lets a piece of the soul of the tree live forever. Feel free to see at

  4. LMAO, ” soul of a tree ” what a crock, A treee is NOT a living being but I bet you believe in abortionh

  5. I too am a lover of nature, and my father and I both have a passion for wood-working. Many beautiful things can come from wood, but I love that people are embracing pieces like this; could it be a consciousness of our interaction/ living with nature?
    @ Johnny, I’m not sure why you found yourself on this blog leaving a comment like that. I’m not sure what loving a piece of nature has to do with abortion?!