This Ain’t No Disco {it’s where we work}


It’s a well known fact that some agencies spend huge chunks of their hard earned money turning lifeless commercial spaces into bastions of creativity. These interiors provide insight as to the breadth and depth of their thinking and creative execution. They create spaces to envy. Places to shout about – loud. This Ain’t No Disco {it’s where we work} invites Agencies from across the world to show their inner sanctum and like Pandora’s Box, once you look inside nothing will ever be the same again.

(Above’s my current favorite: The office space of MSLK)

(thank you jacob)

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  1. I love sites like this. Especially since I am in the midst of an office remodel. You probably know of but just in case, I thought I’d mention it to you as it is fun to see inside the offices of various tech companies. I wouldn’t doubt if it was your site where I first learned of it.

  2. wow, what a great site! so inspirational…

  3. Lovely. I wish I could work somewhere like that.

  4. I’d just like to say thanks for pointing me to this site and in turn causing me to burn my whole day staring at office spaces. man, makes me want to redo my home office bad!


    btw- I’m pretty sure MSLK was featured on one of my new favorite shows on HGTV “Small Space, Big Style”

  5. I like it all, but I would make do with just the cat on the shelf :)

  6. i want to work there! i don’t even care if they paid me.

  7. Ugh what inspiring ideas from all over the world! Wish that my office would be something like one of these: amazingly cool! Thanks for sharing this site! and thanks Graig,yes, also officesnapshots has brilliantly arranged workspaces…

  8. whoops – Craig, not Graig.. sorry!!

  9. I really like how this site keeps the sets of photos from each office together as a nice package. If you don’t mind rummaging through a large list feel free to check out my design office pics (currently over 100 photos in total) here:

    I’ve spent a solid year culling through Flickr and other sources to grab these, enjoy.

  10. Oh wow, nice places among them. Good choice you made there and I’m relieved to find the cats obviously are alive …

    Of course surroundings influence work but I do wonder if some I consider being created mainly for showing off (not for people to feel comfortable in the first place) might be a bit intimidating. With writer’s block setting in immediately once you see those huge metal letters.

  11. is tis site password protect? it does not allow me to see the pages… beautiful interior in the photo shown above

  12. yep, seems to have become password-protected recently. Bah.

  13. Thanks for the mention. And the site is fully back up now folks. Temporary maintenance! :)