What font says ‘Change’?


Type designers decode the presidential candidates: What font says ‘Change’?

(via chrisglass)

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  1. Besides Gotham being a beautiful face in it’s own right – the ‘CHANGE’ sign, if you’ve noticed has completely overshadowed the ‘Obama 08’ one, and rightfully so – it’s easily the most powerful message/design combination of the entire primary season.

  2. BABY TEETH. the first candidate to break that one out gets my vote. That typeface is totally the future.

  3. Nice post. I wrote a similar one a while back — you might be interested in it since we had similar insights. What’s with the candidate’s designers not understanding what an apostrophe is, by the way?


    Thanks, Kirk

  4. Obama’s logo seems to be inspired by Pepsi, and it’s everywhere in New York:


  5. I wish my instructors would give me this rebranding assignment.
    Frankly, all of these fonts need change. (Talk about “rock the vote.”)