Improvised bookmarks found in used books.


A website I just came across reminded me of an odd interaction I once had with a lady in the subway: I grabbed my book in my bag, opened it, and a $1 bill appeared which I used as a bookmark. I could sense how the lady did a double-take and looked and me saying: “You are not really using money as a bookmark, are you?” “Uhm, yes I am…”. She was obviously appaled. Disovering this Improvised bookmarks found and used in books link over at designobserver let’s me sigh in relief. I am not that odd after all. People use MUCH stranger things than a $1 bill to mark a page. Paper Towel bookmarker anyone?

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  1. great blog, good post!
    yes, i used to use a papertowel as a bookmark, the strangest thing i remember was a spike from a porcupine i found at a beach in the toscana, because there was nothing else to use as a bookmark..
    best wishes to NY!

  2. With three little ones I frequently have to drop a book and tend to someone. Snapshots, napkins, hair elastics, headbands, kleenex (unused), pieces of mail, and markers have all found themselves inside my book. Fun post!

  3. My ex was known to use a square of toilet paper as a bookmark. Ew.

  4. One of the books I’m reading right now currently has an unused tissue paper folded in half as a place holder.. My only excuse is that the sheet of stickers that I was using fell down behind my bed & I’ve been too lazy to fetch it! Good times.. ;)

    I agree with brandy, fun post!

  5. GUILTY! Paper towel….kleenex….tiny scrap of paper.

  6. I get the money thing: my favourite bookmark is an Egyptian pound note from one of my travels. Its kinda greasy and soft in a way that Australian notes are not (polymer) and it makes the perfect bookmark. Not a waste of money at all, just repurposed.

  7. Hilarious.

    It obviously did not occur to this lady that purchasing a bookmark usually costs more than $1.

  8. I used loads of stuff before as my bookmark.

    1. Candy wrappers
    2. Bus Tickets
    3. “sign here” sticker
    4. Post It notes
    5. And the weirdest one for me….Dried Leaf from a tree by the street.

  9. What on earth is her problem? It’s not like it’s a holy thing that you can’t do with what you please?! It’s your money! She should be minding her own beeswax!

    lol I usually end up using receipts as bookmarks because I don’t have money in my wallet :(

  10. I read a book once when i was about 10 i think about some kids who used to leave letters inside their library books and make contact with other kids…interesting concept i cant remember the name of the book though…grrrrrr what a shame. xxxx

  11. My favorite (and most functional, I’ve found) is an Amtrak (or any train) ticket stub. Perfect size, perfect weight, and when I look at it reminds me of a happy journey.

  12. I use boarding passes (old ones, now that e-ticketing is so ubiquitous). I love coming across an old boarding pass in a book I’ve read, and remembering the trip. My sister uses these too, so sometimes I will get a glimpse into her travels (when we swap books).

  13. I haven’t used anything unusual as a bookmark, but I have had a similar reaction from a woman on a train, who stared at my clear portfolio bag with amazement and said “Is that what I think it is?”. I thought she was talking about one of my paintings, until I realised I’d put a leaflet in my bag advertising a banking museum – it looked just like a £20 note!