Look and Feel / Nip and Tuck


I first heard the term “look and feel” in the early days of web-design. I found it an odd phrase. When web developers used it I couldn’t be sure if they were talking about graphic design or some new hybrid form of design for the web and computing. Today, the term has seeped into everyday usage, and it has become widely used by commissioners of graphic design.

Why? Is it because it’s a piece of useful shorthand that emphasizes the importance of usability in modern strategy-driven communications? Or is it a babyish term that reduces the designer to the role of decorator — someone who gets asked to “color-in” strategic plans made by smart marketing wonks who think design is a no-brainer?

Look and Feel / Nip and Tuck by Adrian Shaughnessy

(make sure to read the comments on this post. highly amusing!)

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  1. This rocks, I’ve always hated the term ‘look ‘n’ feel but never been able to say why. Thank you!