When a Photograph Sounds Like a Kiss

When you take a picture with an S.L.R., there is a distinctive sound, somewhere between a clatter and a thump; I worship my beat-up Nikon FE, but there is no denying that every snap reminds me of a cow kicking over a milk pail. With a Leica, all you hear is the shutter, which is the quietest on the market. The result — and this may be the most seductive reason for the Leica cult — is that a photograph sounds like a kiss.

– Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

(via kottke)

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  1. hey, you´re right, i never realised that before :)

  2. Two other nice sounds – all the stuff going on when the shutter release is pressed on a Hasselblad and the Pentax K10D shutter noise.