Silkscreening with Zach Klein

Silkscreening with Zach Klein from Mareen Fischinger on Vimeo.

Mareen pointed me to the above video she took of Zach Silkscreening. Cool. I love Zach’s drying technique and how he’s printing on his beautiful hardwood floor. If you have a garage or a basement, I think I’d suggest doing it there.

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  1. That was a great watch, and a brave floor!

    I think it is a conscious effort on my part to NOT equip myself with the means to silkscreen. All other productivity would cease… plus, I would like to think that my family would eventually miss me.

    I would be the recluse with a sweet tee for every day of the year!

  2. awesome! does anyone know where I can buy that orange film he’s using?

  3. It’s called Rubylith and available at most art supply stores and numerous screen-printing retailers online.