Uta Barth | Photographer


Uta Barth | Ground # 38

(thanks billy)

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  1. such simple subjects, but yet really beautiful results. thank you for passing this one along.

  2. I disover your blog thanks to strumble!
    The post are very nice and curious,thanks to share,

  3. very meditative; a corner
    to collect the spider web
    of thought..

  4. I found more information about Uta Barth on the United States Artists website. (unitedstatesartists.org) She was named a USA Broad Fellow in Visual Arts by the USA arts organization. Here is what they wrote:
    “As a photographer, Uta Barth is preoccupied with vision and more interested in how we see than in what we see. Her creative process grows out of her concern with making art that is about the visual experience. In Barth’s work, vision, time, stillness, and light are recurring themes. In making the choice to photograph a particular subject, she attempts to engage the viewer in the process of looking. Throughout her career she has addressed objective and subjective, exterior and interior concerns that are passionately engaged with the sensory realities that only photography can capture. Since 1990 Barth has been a professor of art at the University of California, Riverside. T.G.”