I Need a Virtual Break. No, Really.

In short, my name is Mark, and I’m a techno-addict. But after my airplane experience, I decided to do something about it. Thus began my “secular Sabbath” — a term I found floating around on blogs — a day a week where I would be free of screens, bells and beeps. An old-fashioned day not only of rest but of relief.

I Need a Virtual Break. No, Really. by Mark Bittman

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  1. I was just reading this article this morning, it’s great. I took a month long social networking break and it went so well it became 2 months, and now I barely touch them. I guess blogging became my new social networking site because the connections are more real and personal, less of the twitter kind of overload.

  2. i started reading this but then got distracted by my computer.
    no joke.