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I simply *love* the idea behind THEBLOG WEEMADE! Like me, the people of THEBLOG WEEMADE find the artwork and creativity of kids inspiring, thought provoking, entertaining, and unpretentious. They think that reminding ourselves how children see the world is a valuable and enlightening process. THEBLOG WEEMADE is a communal effort. They accept posts from anyone and everyone. Scan and post your children’s artwork or your own artwork from when you were child. Found artwork. Anything! Click right here to post now!

(image details: GANG OF MONSTERS | Artist: Desi S., age 5. Space invaders returning home from a hard day’s work?)

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  1. i wish that i still got lost enough to still draw such fabulousness. my parents have a strange drawing i made when i was in kindegarten for which the teacher wrote out the story that we dictated. mine was something like…

    i came across a lonely man. he said “you can live with me.” i said “ok”. and we were happy.

  2. how can you not smile looking at that picture? :-)
    I have some very cool rocketships drawn by my little one I’ve been meaning to scan…this will be great to share!