say it with food or ice


Letter Ice is a design patent pending product line that’s made from a patented, high-gloss FDA tested silicone, that’s oven-safe to 572ºF (and -58º F) and is cool to the touch within minutes after baking. Letter Ice is currently seeking Retail Stores and/or Independent Sales Representative’s both in United States and abroad.

So, now what font is it?

(thank you arezu)

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  1. They would have been perfect, if only done in Helvetica.

  2. Damn, I was really hoping someone had already commented as to which font it was. Oh well though. I wasn’t a fan at first when I thought they were just ice cube trays, but I love that they’re dual purpose! :D I want one!

  3. We struggled with a lot of different fonts in order to settle on a hybrid one that would produce perfect Letter Ice as well as Letter Baked goods.

    You can purchase these online and our Number Trays at

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Keir Kurinsky

  4. I was going to guess and say it looked like a combo of eurostile and something else but I guess we don’t really get to know what the font is.

  5. Interesting forms of ice, but I like when done in Titanic grandmothers and jaw.