Elastico Bookshelf by Arianna Vivenzio


Elastico Bookshelf by Arianna Vivenzio

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  1. Now that is a pretty smart idea :)

  2. I think they’d be interesting to try out. Not sure why the idea of a slanty, elastic-y book shelf is so appealing but it is.

  3. I like. This might also work in your kitchen for pans or tins of ingredients. :)

  4. Strikes me as something that would give you a decade of trouble-free service and then, long after you’d gotten used to it and the day after you put an urn containing the ashes of a beloved relative or pet on it, it would fail spectacularly.

  5. I don’t know that I’d put an urn in an elastic shelf but lol.

  6. I love it, can you buy it yet? It’s been long enough..

  7. IKEA!! er, well…”SwissKEA”! Yippee!!!