The Hairy Monster, a guide.


I bought The Hairy Monster, a guide, by Tom Gauld about 2 years ago and FINALLY got around to get it framed. It looks fantastic! I am so happy to finally have it prominently displayed in our living room. One of the guys at my favorite Brooklyn frameshop, Thoren, totally fell in love with it and asked where I got it from. I managed to look it up but I am sorry to see they’re sold out. So here’s my master plan: Everyone who’s as much in love with this quite amusing 7 images booklet about a hairy monster, should send Tom and email and ask him to print another run. We all should have 7 images related to the hairy monster (Front, Possesions, Bone Structure, Diet, Organs, Droppings and Rear) displayed in our homes. Hairy monster knowledge might come in handy one day….

UPDATE: Heard from Tom: I’m not going to reprint the Hairy Monster Guide as it is, the work will probably reappear in a collection of my minicomics at some point. I don’t think it’s fair on the people who bought the original limited version if I make more of them.

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  1. wow funny, i used to live on the block where Make-A-Frame is. Thoren is the best! how did you end up framing this? i heart tom gauld. i have the postcards book.

  2. Picture of the finished product, please. I feel invested in this now, you know… ;)